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skins fullsize

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skins fullsize is a community where you can ask for fullsized personal photos of all members of the skins cast, past and present. if you're in a giving mood, feel free to post any personals you may want to share. it's encouraged and appreciated!

01. play nice. don't be rude to other members.
02. make all entries 'friends only.'
03. always credit the user whose icon you're asking for.
04. be considerate; don't forget to say thank you if someone helps you out.
05. you can also fullsize things you've found on myspace, flickr, photobucket, etc.
06. tag all entries with the specific name of the actor/actress.
07. please do not delete your original post and/or comments if your request was fulfilled.
08. be sure to use an lj cut if needed.

affiliates: jackoconnell

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